5,000 Years in the making

Sip for Pleasure
Embodies the most cherished ingredients from ancient Mexico

GRAN MAIZAL whisky is a sensorial journey with delicate notes of toasted corn, cured vanilla bean and pure cacao.  Our character emanates from thousands of years of Mesoamerican culture proudly passed on from one generation to the next.

Harmonized Elegance
Rested in handmade terracotta

Our porous terracotta vessels are designed for GRAN MAIZAL to preserve the character of nixtamalized maize while balancing with toasted wood and enhancing aromatics.

Ancient Treasures
Honoring and revitalizing the gifts of ancient Mexico

GRAN MAIZAL is corn whisky made with ancient varieties from the Yucatan Peninsula including the oldest recognized lineage in the scientific community: Nal T’eel.  We are committed to the promotion of biodiversity and making the farming of ancient maize economically viable.