Our Purpose

To create and share delicious whiskies which embody the most cherished ingredients from ancient Mexico.

To promote maize biodiversity advancing the use of sustainable methods and supporting small scale farmers.

Most Cherished Ingredients

For more than 5,000 years, the Maya and other civilizations have continuously cultivated maize, which has had a central and sacred role in Mesoamerican mythology and gastronomy.  To date, people say “Sin maíz, no hay país," which means “Without corn, there is no country."

GRAN MAIZAL is corn whisky made with ancient varieties from the Yucatan Peninsula, including the oldest recognized lineage in the scientific community: Nal T’eel.

As we finish our whisky, we add a dash of cured vanilla pods from Papantla and cacao nibs of the Almendra Blanca variety. When combined, the subtle bitterness of cacao harmonizes with the rich sweetness of corn and the floral notes of vanilla pods, creating a symphony to delight the nose and palate.

We source these delicacies directly from small farmers who provide the highest quality and all natural ingredients available.

We hope to be a catalyst so that more varieties of maize seed are available, advancing farming methods for sustainability and providing farmers with better options. We are on our way to creating our shared GRAN MAIZAL — an exuberant and abundant field of prosperity.

Our Unique Practices

Our small batch GRAN MAIZAL whisky is crafted and bottled at our distillery — Destileria La Vibora.

We only use ancient varieties of corn, a portion of which is toasted prior to cooking.

Our fermentation is activated with a natural proprietary yeast developed by our master distiller.

The copper pot still removes undesirable compounds which, after aggressive cuts, results in a clean yet distinctive distillate.

Our porous terracotta vessels are designed for GRAN MAIZAL to preserve the character of nixtamalized maize while balancing with toasted wood and enhancing aromatics.

As we finish our whisky in terracotta vessels, we add a dash of cured vanilla pods from Papantla and cacao nibs of the Almendra Blanca variety. These rest for a brief time with the whisky before filtering and bottling.

Our bottle is decorated with a texture reminiscent of the ripples on sacred pools of water, natural terracotta and corn husks.

Our Team

We are an integrated community of farmers, distillers, scientists, and whisky enthusiasts united in our aim to learn, grow, and enjoy each other’s friendship.